Lil’ Wayne didn’t win that lawsuit he filed against the filmmakers of The Carter. In fact, he lost, big time. The rapper is being forced to pay a hefty amount of money to the producers, including Quincy Jones III, for costing them profit potential of their 2009 film.

According to TMZ, Weezy lost the lawsuit he filed, as well as an additional countersuit filed by Jones. The jury has ordered the multi-platinum rapper to fork over a total of $2,195,000. The countersuit claimed that Wayne wrongfully limited the film’s potential profit by attempting to block the release of the documentary.

In October, Wayne made headlines with this case. The Huffington Post reports that, controversy occurred following the release of Wayne’s June 20 deposition, in which the rapper gives Jones’ lawyer, Pete Ross, a hard time. The rapper refused to show up during the trial, and did not participate at all. Wayne’s lawyers did all the talking for him. This is probably why the MC not only lost the case, but was forced to pay over $2 million.

Wayne originally sued The Carter‘s producers over what he called the director’s “scandalous portrayal” of him in the 2009 documentary about his life. Wayne added unauthorized use of his music to the lawsuit.

Perhaps if Lil’ Wayne had cooperated and been respectful towards the jury, he might’ve won, at the very least, the countersuit Jones filed. It’s probably just not in his character to be very polite.

What do you think? Do you think the judge was right to rule against Lil’ Wayne?

Source: The A.V. Club