Rihanna released a new music video for “Diamonds,” a song from her upcoming album Unapologetic, due out November 19. In the video, Rihanna runs violently, smokes seductively and floats on water. You can see the video below. Also, Thom Yorke announced the release date for the Atoms For Peace record. It’ll come out early next year. And Passion Pit announced they were going on tour with Matt & Kim. All that and more below.

  • Thom York Announces Release Date For Atoms For Peace Record: Thom Yorke has announced the release date for Atom For Peace’s debut album, AMOK. The record will hit stores January 28 on XL Records. Head over to the A.V. Club to check out the full tracklist.
  • Passion Pitt Going On Tour With Matt & Kim: Passion Pit announced this week that they will be going on tour with dance duo Matt & Kim. We expect there will be some awesome dance parties on this tour. Source: A.V. Club
  • Taylor Swift To Appear On X-Factor: Taylor Swift will be on X-Factor next week on November 15. The songstress will be performing “State of Grace,’ in a glittery dress (her stylist called us to let us know… just kidding). Source: Vulture
  • Sweden Still Hates Chris Brown: Sweden is not forgiving Chris Brown for what he did to Rihanna some years ago (not that they should be forgiving to any man who beats a woman, but still). Activists in Sweden are putting up posters featuring a battered Rihanna all over Stockholm. The posters include Chris Brown’s November 19 show at the Ericsson Glove, but we doubt their goal is to get people to the show, if anything they want the thing cancelled. Check out the poster at the A.V. Club.
  • New Rihanna Music Video: Rihanna released a new music video for “Diamonds”. In it, she smokes, bathes in diamonds and runs from cars, both in black and white, and color. There’s also horses, illuminate signs, and sunsets. Check it out:

(via Vulture)

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