Nine Inch Nails‘ brilliant frontman, Trent Reznor will be collaborating with Queens of the Stone Age on new material. During his Reddit AMA, Reznor revealed that he was helping Josh Homme on a new QOTSA track.

According to Rolling Stone, Reznor, who was being interviewed about his new band How to Destroy Angels, was asked what else he was working on, and he replied:

“A number of things. Tweaking some things for the HDTA full LP (coming in Spring), helping Josh [Homme] out on a new QOTSa track, working with [NIN tour producer] Roy [Bennett], starting rehearsals for two bands.”

Reznor previously appear on the title track to QOTSA’s last album Era Vulgaris, but the song didn’t appear in the official release. Also worth knowing is that Dave Grohl will be playing drums on the band’s next album, which is due out sometime next year.

During the online chat, Reznor also gave an update on his HBO mini series Year Zero. The show is currently in a “holding state,” because they haven’t found the right writer. Reznor added that the project meant a lot to him, and that the show will see the “light of day in one form or another.” He also talked about The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo sequel, and mentioned that his interest in the movie depends on David Fincher‘s involvement in The Girl Who Played With Fire. You can read the entire online conversation at Reddit.

How To Destroy Angels’ An Open EP is available in stores (and online) now.

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