Last month, we were told that the Atoms For PeaceThom Yorke‘s side project with Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ bassist Flea – would be coming out in February 2013. Today, Yorke confirmed the release date. He also revealed a few extra details including the record’s full track list and the album’s cover art.

On the Radiohead site, Yorke confirmed that the record will indeed be called Amok. It’ll be coming out February 25th, and here’s what the black-and-white cover will look like:

According to the post, you can also pre-order Amok on CD or vinyl now. The first single from the album is called “Default,” which was released on September 10th (hear it below).

Atoms For Peace features Yorke, bassist Flea, drummer Joey Waronker, percussionist Mauro Refosco and producer/guitarist Nigel Godrich. The five first came together in 2010 when Yorke went on tour to support his solo record The Eraser. Yorke mentions in the post that they collaborated for the record, but discovered good energy in doing that, and that’s how Amok was born, during a studio jam session after the tour. was done.

The band will go out tour, but they’re still trying to put that together. Yorke writes:

“I’m still reeling from being on tour for much of the year. But we are planning to get together and play next year! We’re figuring all that out right now”

Atoms For Peace is an ongoing and open-ended project, which means Amok might just be the first of many records to come.

Here is the complete track listing for Amok:

  1. “Before Your Very Eyes”
  2. “Default”
  3. “Ingenue”
  4. “Dropped”
  5. “Unless”
  6. “Stuck Together Pieces”
  7. “Judge Jury and Executioner”
  8. “Reverse Running”
  9. “Amok”

And in case you haven’t heard it, here’s “Default,” a track off the upcoming Atoms debut record.

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Source: Rolling Stone