Next March, Depeche Mode will release a new album through Columbia Records. Previously, the band had spend its 30-year career with Warner Music labels Sire and Reprise and EMI’s Mute and Capitol, but they’re changing direction. In a statement, singer-songwriter Martin Gore expressed that he’s happy with how the new album has turned out.

Gore also mentioned that the new record has a similar vibe to Violator and Songs of Faith and Devotion.

“I think the songs on the album are among some of the very best we’ve done.”

Depeche Mode has obtained six Billboard 200 top 10s in the past, including the No. 1 Songs of Faith and Devotion in 1993.

Frontman Dave Grahan said that the album has a very organic and direct feel to it.

“It’s not a blues record, but it definitely has a soulful vibe.”

Grahan also mentioned that during the recording process, the group tried to get the elements of performing and the live show into the album more. Back in May, the singer noted that Gore was “very prolific” in the studio sessions and had already written several songs. He also described the record as “punchier.”

Depeche Mode will support the album with a world tour, which will kick off in Tel Aviv on May 7, 2013. They’ll also be hitting 25 European countries, and performing at places and events like the Rock Werchter Festival in Belgium, BBK Festival in Spain and Optimus Alive Festival in Portugal. They will also tour North America, but details on that will be available in the following weeks, so stay tuned.

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Source: Billboard