What’s worse than a hurricane slamming into the eastern seaboard?  Well,  Adam Sandler covering Leonard Cohen’s beautiful, oft-covered “Hallelujah” may be at the top of the list.  How do we know?  Because we were forced to endure it on Wednesday night, when Sandler deliver a “comical” and “inspiring” cover of the tune for  the 12-12-12 concert to benefit recovery from Superstorm Sandy.  And it’s neither all that funny or inspiring, but it is interesting to see how badly a classic can be butchered by a disheveled guy in a rumpled t-shirt and the same haircut since 1989.

But hey, we could be wrong—if you’re a Sandler fan, you’ll probably love it, or at least appreciate it.  Everyone else… well, let’s just hope you’re not that big of a Leonard Cohen fan.  This could get on your nerves:

At the very least, Sandler did this for a good cause, and helped raise some money for a part of the country that really needs it.   And hey, the line “the Mets have sucked since ’86/Isaiah tried to ruin the Knicks/But now Jason Kidd and the boys can freakin’ school ya” isn’t terrible either.”  Still, couldn’t Sandler have made fun of Gaga or something?

What do you think of the video?

Source: Rolling Stone

Photo Credit: Don Emmert