David Bowie is celebrating his birthday with a brand-new song. The English music legend turns 66 today, and he decided to drop a new single (the first in a decade, by the way) titled “Where Are We Now?” which you can hear below. Bowie also took some time to reveal some details on his forthcoming album The Next Day.

According to Billboard, “Where Are We Now?” is a taster of The Next Day, Bowie’s 30th studio album. The record will be his first since Reality, which was released in 2003, ten years ago.

The new single was written by Bowie, and recorded in New York. He worked on it with his long-time collaborator Tony Visconti. “Where Are We Now?” is a great title for a song, especially for someone who’s been away for as long as Bowie has. The song is nostalgic and reflective, with luscious guitar moments. The clip that accompanies the song shows images of the apartment where Bowie lived in the ’70s while recording some of his older records.

The track is now available on iTunes, and here’s the complete track listing for the new record:

  1. The Next Day
  2. Dirty Boys
  3. The Stars (Are out Tonight)
  4. Love Is Lost
  5. Where Are We Now?
  6. Valentine’s Day
  7. If You Can See Me
  8. I’d Rather Be High
  9. Boss of Me
  10. Dancing Out in Space
  11. How Does the Grass Grow?
  12. (You Will) Set the World On Fire)
  13. Heat
  14. So She (Bonus Track)
  15. I’ll Take You There (Bonus Trac)
  16. Plan (Bonus Track)

The Next Day will first get released in Australia on March 8th, then on March 11th, it’ll be available to the rest of the world, except the U.S. It hits The States on March 12th.

Here’s the video:

What do you think of this new song? Are you excited for The Next Day?