The Strokes have decided to release a new album this year. They’ll give us a sneak peek of the record very soon, when their brand new single hits a a prominent radio station. Also, there’s new Phoenix music on the way. The band has named their upcoming album and we’ve got the details for you below. Also, Bat For Lashes announced she’ll be going on tour, and Metallica revealed the release date for their 3D concert film Metallica Through The Never. All that and more below.

  • Phoenix Names New Album: Phoenix is dropping a new album in April, and they’ve named it Bankrupt! If you don’t believe us (for whatever reason) you can head over to their website and see the name flash on your screen for a couple of minutes (but beware, it might cause a seizure). Also, the band will be playing at the New Orleans Jazz Festival in May. Welcome back Phoenix, we missed you! Source: Vulture
  • New Strokes Music Coming In 2013: Pretty soon, The Strokes will debut a new single on Seattle’s 107.7. This new piece of material is off the band’s fifth studio album, which will be released sometime this year. Source: Vulture
  • Bat For Lashes Tour Announces: Natasha Khan, a.k.a Bat For Lashes, will go on tour this April. She’ll embark on a brief West coast tour in the Spring. For a full list of dates head over to Consequence of Sound.
  • Metallica Sets Release Date For Metallica Thought The Never: Metallica have set the release date for their 3D concert film Metallica Through The Never, which was filmed in Vancouver last August. The film will hit theaters on August 9, 2013. With the help of director Nimród Antal and a group of editors, the band has pieced together a movie. Footage for the film was taken over three shows “jam-packed with massive pyrotechnics displays, 12 floating coffins and even planned malfunctions, including crew members feigning injuries.” The film will hit theaters with the help of the same studio that released films like My Big Fat Greek Wedding and The Passion of the Christ. Source: RollingStone
  • Presidential Playlist: President Obama took some time to release his Official Inauguration playlist. The 17-track mix includes the likes of Beyonce, Brad Paisley, fun., Stevie Wonder and Jackie Wilson. You can listen to the whole mix at Rolling Stone.

Hope you’re all caught up now. Check in next week for another music news roundup, and don’t forget to keep coming back to BeatCrave for more industry news, and details on the latest bands.

Are you looking forward to all of these new records? Did you like President Obama’s mix?