Oh, Courtney Love.  One would have thought that, with a little bit of age and that fact that we’re now three years deep into a new decade, perhaps some of her capacity for massive public embarrassment would have scaled back or lessened somewhat.  But, of course, what were we thinking—this is Courtney Love we’re talking about, after all, and when she isn’t attempting cringe-worthy Twitter wars with other musicians or publically (and heartbreakingly) alienating/embarrassing her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, she’s occasionally warbling through a horrendous cover or a new Hole song.  Case in point, her newest cover: Jay-Z’s “99 Problems.”

Last week, during the Sundance Film Festival, Courtney Love made an appearance and began performing songs.  One of which was the aforementioned cover of “99 Problems,” which was apparently done to show how edgy she is (she says the N-word a lot, you guys—that’s edgy and hip!).  All things considered, it’s not the worst thing she’s ever done musically, but then, that’s almost the problem—the cover is so embarrassingly bland and uninteresting.  Love at least used to be able to shock and confront with her music, now it just generates eye-rolls and YouTube fodder.  But hey, decide for yourself, you may like it:

What do you think of the cover?

Source: The AV Club