If there’s one thing we like here at BeatCrave, it’s really, really, really easy targets.  So we certainly owe rapper, sometime actor, and all-around pop-cultural punchline Vanilla Ice (a.k.a., Robert Van Winkle), a big thank you as, in addition to still being willing to be Vanilla Ice (which would be soul-crushing for almost anyone), Van Winkle has now launched his own line of mid-range lighting fixtures and sconces, cleverly-titled “Lights Lights Baby.”  Get it?  Because it’s just like the song!

According to The AV Club, Vanilla Ice launched the Vanilla Ice Lighting line at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (because where else would one go to procure mid-range lighting fixtures than a boat show in Fort Lauderdale?) with a cardboard cutout of himself adverstising the LightsLightsBaby.com website in which one can find this delectable line of “iced” lighting fixtures.  So far, there are only six items to choose from, but Capitol Lighting (the lighting line’s producer, according to The AV Club) is planning on expanding the line quickly, because a desperate cash-in on low-level celebrity can only last so long.

Anyway, want to see something really, really embarrassing?  Here you go:

So, do you plan on buying some “iced” lighting fixtures?