When Chris Brown isn’t busy viciously beating and biting Rihanna for looking at his phone, or destroying a green room after an interviewer had the audacity to ask him about the beating, or getting into a parking garage slapfight with Frank Ocean over a parking space, or allegedly skipping out on his community service for Rihanna’s beating, or comparing himself to Jesus on Twitter, he’s taking Drake to court over a fight they had at a New York City nightclub.

Here’s what happened—in June of 2012 Drake and Chris Brown (and their entourages) were at the New York City nightclub W.i.P., when things got heating during a discussion about Rihanna.  Rolling Stone notes that punches and bottles were thrown, and Brown suffered a gash to the chin.

Now, model Romain Julien is suing the club, Drake, and Brown for “cuts, cosmetic deformity, and mental distress.”  In response, Brown and Drake are filing documents against one another, with each artist accusing the other of being responsible for the fight—“essentially asking a judge to decide who would pay the damages should Julien win.”

Thus far, investigators have ruled that there is not enough evidence for either artist to be charged with the incident.

What do you think of the Brown news?