Troubled country singer Mindy McCready was found dead on Sunday night of a single, reportedly self-inflected gunshot wound to the head.  The 37-year-old singer was found on the same porch where David Wilson, her boyfriend and father of one of her two children, had killed himself in January.

McCready’s body was found on the porch in Heber Springs, Arkansas.  It was not her first attempt at suicide.

Despite a strong start in the country music industry with the hit “Guy Do It All The Time” in 1996 and the 2 million copies sold of her album Ten Thousand Angels, McCready developed serious drug and alcohol addictions.

According to Rolling Stone, in 2004 McReady was arrested for illegally procuring OxyContin.  In 2005, she was arrested for drunk driving.  Numerous suicide attempts and drug overdoses occurred afterwards.

While there is no word yet as to what drove her to suicide on Sunday night, the death of boyfriend David Wilson may likely have been a trigger.  McReady stated that “he was my life.  We were each other’s life…I have never gne through anything this painful.  He didn’t just touch my heart, he touched my soul.  He was my soulmate.”

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Source: Rolling Stone