Robert Plant has opened the floodgate of rumors about a Led Zeppelin reunion tour. While speaking to Australia’s version of 60 Minutes, the frontman said that he was open to reuniting with his former band mates next year since he’s got nothing else going on. Basically, he’s totally game if the rest are!

Plant said that he was waiting on Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones to agree with the idea of a reunion tour. He also blamed their coyness (and silence on the matter) on the fact that they’re both Capricorns.

“They don’t say a word. They’re quite contained in their own worlds and they leave it to me. I’m not the bad guy. You need to see the Capricorns – I’ve got nothing to do in 2014.”

The last time Led Zeppelin performed together it was in 2007, at London’s o2 Arena. Jason Bonham drummed in the place of his late father John.

Back when the show happened, Page and Jones said they were willing to go on tour as a band, but Plant wasn’t into the idea. (‘Til now he’s actually been very against the idea, but we’re guessing he’s had a little change of heart.) Page and Jones even considered finding a replacement for Plant, but eventually ditched the “reunion tour” idea all together.

We’re just hoping that now that Plant is open to this idea, Page and Jones are also on board. It’d be a shame to have to find replacements.

Are you excited for a Led Zeppelin tour?

Source: Rolling Stone