Fans of Lady Gaga now have multiple reasons to mourn—not only has their master announced that she has had last-minute hip surgery, she has also been forced to cancel the 22 remaining dates on the remainder of her Born This Way Ball tour.  Gaga announced the news on her blog late Wednesday.

According to Billboard, the Gags required surgery to fix an ailing hip, and, in doing so cancels 22 dates on a tour that began last April.  Four dates had originally been postponed after live difficulties during a Montreal show.  And, as Billboard notes, “she explained to fans on Twitter that she’d hurt herself while performing some time ago.”

The cancellation of so many shows means Gaga will have to refund approximately 200,000 tickets to fans, which roughly equates to about $25 million in gross profits that Gaga will have to turn away.

And so, as Billboard notes, Lady Gaga’s fans will have to wait until the next tour (coming after the release of the new album, ARTPOP, later this year).  But as Gaga herself says, it’s all just a “bump in the road”:

“I thought about all of your pain and perseverance, your unique family situations, school environments, health issues, homelessness, identity struggles — sometimes you are so brave that it terrifies me. I wonder how it’s even possible. So I thought to myself, I’m alive, I’m living my dream, and this is just a bump in the road. I’m grateful because this is temporary, and for some it is not. You have changed my life. I love you and am proud to be a part of your lives. If you can do it, I can do it too, and if we stick together we can get through anything.”

What do you think of the Gaga news?