Randy Blythe is having a great day. The Lamb of God frontman has been acquitted of manslaughter charges over the death of a fan at a concert in Prague three years ago. The singer also announced his freedom on Instagram, stating, “I am a free man.”

Blythe was accused of pushing 19-year-old fan Daniel Nosek off the stage during a 2010 concert in Prague. The push caused Nosek to hit his head when he tumbled on to the floor. He was taken to hospital where he died several weeks later from his head injury. A court in Prague charged Blythe with manslaughter, or causing bodily harm to another person with lethal consequences.

Blythe was unaware there was a warrant out for his arrest. He was arrested at a Prague airport last June and spent five weeks in custody, until he was bailed out in August. He did admit to shoving a fan off the stage during that 2010 show, but didn’t think he actually hurt anyone.

The court ruled that the singer’s actions did not constitute as a crime.

The frontman announced that he had been found not guilty on Instagram, and also asked fans to pray for Nosek’s family.

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Source: Billboard