Having, of course, long ago grown sick and tired of the ceaseless attention paid to such lesser members of The Beatles as John Lennon, George Harrison, and Paul McCartney, society has long wished for a museum exhibition dedicated solely to exploring the life and times of drummer Ringo Starr.  For as well all know, there’s been no more fascinating, interesting, or galvanizing tale in the storied annals of rock ‘n roll than that of… Ringo Starr.

That’s right, Ringo Starr.  Beginning on July 12, the Grammy Museum in L.A. will begin “Ringo: Peace and Love,” an exhibition running from July to November and which will focus on the life of the Beatles’ drummer (Lennon and Harrison have already received the same treatment).  Included in the exhibit, as noted by Rolling Stone, will be Starr’s drumkit from the Beatles’ famous performance on The Ed Sullivan Show, as well as the red coat he wore during the final Beatles performance which took place on the roof of Abbey Road Studios.

Rolling Stone also notes that not only is this “the first major exhibition” to focus on Ringo Starr, it is also the first in the United States to solely focus on a rock drummer.  And for those of you unable to visit the exhibit in L.A., the exhibit will eventually go on tour through select cities across the U.S.

What do you think of the Ringo news?

Source: Rolling Stone