Daft Punk has chosen to premiere their highly anticipated new album Random Access Memories a few days early at a country-like show in rural Australia. The event is called Wee Waa and it’ll take place on May 17th. We expect the tiny town of said event’s setting to be overrun by hipsters and cyber ravers come mid-May.

The Parisian duo will play on opening night. There they’ll  launch their forthcoming album, which is due out May 21 via Columbia Records. Only 4,000 tickets will be sold to the show (so act quickly); and only members of the Wee Waa Society will be guaranteed entry. Those who attend the show will listen to Random Access Memories via live streaming.

Daft Punk is known for breaking down barriers , and this is certainly a new way to introduce their forthcoming LP. According to reports, the duo agreed to do this after their label pitched the idea. Later Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter found out about “the CSIRO Australia Telescope and its array of satellite dishes,”  and they just couldn’t turn down the opportunity to debut their album at Wee Waa.

According to the show’s website, “other events will include typical Australian country show entertainment including the pet show, dog high jump, showgirl competition, cross cut saw competition, fireworks and much more.”

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Source: Rolling Stone