Normally when Thom Yorke makes a video, it involves him dancing freakishly awesome to one of his new tunes. But the latest piece of visual media coming from the ultra-talented Radiohead frontman is quite different. Yorke got together with his Atoms For Peace bandmate, Nigel Godrich, to give teenage girls love advice. This is not a joke or spoof of any kind. Check out the heart-melting clip below.

Yorke and Godrich recorded the video for Rookie‘s Ask A Grown Man series, which features advice for teen girls from (usually) famous grown men. Men like Judd Apatow, Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm have been featured (check those out).  In the clip, the Atoms For Peace members answer questions sent in by young readers on topics ranging from sex to dating and breakups.

When asked, “How do you tell the boy you have a crush on that you have a crush on him if you are really, really, really shy and so is he?” Yorke says:

“If you have a crush on him, if you’re really, really, really, really shy, which is what I was at that age – also, I was at a boys’ school so it was impossible to meet girls anyway – how about just write him a note, if you can’t bear to talk to him. Or throw him against the wall sometime.”

Later in the video Yorke talks about learning to accept his own physical imperfection (his lazy eye). He shares that when he was growing up, he was convinced that girls would think that was really not nice at all. Then he met an old lady who made him see things differently.

“I worked in this pub and this old woman – she was so funny – she used to come in all the time, and she was the first person who really said to me, ‘It’s the nicest thing about you.’ She was pissed at the time, but I went with it.”

The musicians also dished about other topics like deodorant brands, breaking up with someone you don’t like anymore and having sexual fantasies about a guy who isn’t your boyfriend. You know, just the kind of things your normal teenage girl worries about.

We doubt that Yorke did this to promote the new Atoms For Peace album Amok (which hit theaters in February).  He’s just not that kind of a guy. (If anything, his daughter probably reads the site — which was created by the awesomest teenager Tavi Gevinson — and asked him to do it for fun.) Regardless of the reasons, it provides us with some insight into one of the most talented and unique musical minds of our time.


[youtube 9vX6rwibNgs 570 420]

What do you think? Does Thom Yorke have a promising career as a high school counselor?