Veteran rockers Fleetwood Mac delivered on their promise. Earlier this month they promised fans that they would be releasing new music, and lo and behold, they’ve done it. The band revealed a four-track EP titled Extended Play on Tuesday morning, making this the first time in a decade that Fleetwood Mac releases new music.

During a Philadelphia concert this month, Lindsey Buckingham said that before heading on tour, the band wanted to go into the studio and generate some new music. There he told fans that soon they were going to “drop an EP of new stuff.”

Extended Play is exclusively available on iTunes. There’s four songs on the EP, but only three of them are brand new — “Sad Angel,” “It Takes Time” and “Miss Fantasy,” written by guitarist Buckingham. There’s also a revamped version of Stevie Nicks ”Without You”. This is the first new material the band has released in 10 years, since 2003′s Say You Will.

Fleetwood Mac is currently touring North America. Their last show will be in Sacramento, Calif. on July 6. After that, they’ll head overseas to Europe.


Have you listened to the new EP? Will you be seeing Fleetwood Mac live?

[via COS]