Earlier this week, we reported to you that beloved 1990s band Neutral Milk Hotel was finally reuniting (they last performed together in October 1998) for the inevitable reunion tour that seems to hook all broken-up bands eventually (c’mon, The Smiths, get it together now).  Unfortunately, the announced reunion dates consisted of two shows in the United States, one in Taiwan, and one in Tokyo, Japan.   But not to worry—more dates are now on the way.

According to Pitchfork, a recent interview with Neutral Milk Hotel booking agent Jim Romeo (of Ground Control Touring) revealed that not only will the band play further shows in the fall of 2013, but will also expand into an international 2014 tour.

Romeo noted that fans “should know that they shouldn’t get discouraged” if they are unable to score tickets to the four announced shows, as “there will be some more fall shows announced soon and a much longer and fuller tour planned for 2014 that will span the globe.”

So there you go, kids—don’t get too worried just yet, as it sounds as if you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see Neutral Milk Hotel within the next year.  Currently announced tour dates are below:

22-23 October 2013: Athens, GA 40 Watt Club
25 October 2013: Asheville, NC Thomas Wolfe Auditorium
28 November 2013: Taipei, Taiwan Hostess Club Festival
1 December 2013: Tokyo, Japan Hostess Club Festival

What do you think of the NMH news?

Source:  Pitchfork