Poor Justin Bieber has been having something of a rough patch these days.  Despite his rabid and fervent army of Beliebers, he’s been getting into more and more skirmishes with the paparazzi, and is-get this, you guys—coming off just a little bit like a spoiled, out of touch, and entitled rich kid.  And it seems that the rest of America is more or less getting sick of him, according to a recent music-related survey from Public Policy Polling, who also testing Americans about their feelings on Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, Taylor Swift and more.

According to the survey, 54% of 571 polled voters found the 19-year old pop singer unfavorable, while only 20% liked the little guy.  Elsewhere, according to Rolling Stone, 50% of polled Americans dislike Lady Gaga, and 57% dislike Chris Brown.

So, who are Americans actually enjoying, according to the poll?  54% of America loves Adele, and by a narrow margin, 53% go gaga for Taylor Swift.  Rolling Stone also notes that Justin Timberlake is high up there with a 52% likeability rating, and Beyonce is trailing him with 51%.

So, what does it all mean?  Nothing, really—except that a majority of polled Americans seem to be on the right track with Bieber and Brown.

What do you think of the polling info?

Source: Rolling Stone