Tim Lambesis, frontman for the Christian metal band As I Lay Dying, has not had the best of months.  First he gets busted trying to hire an undercover police officer for $1,000 to murder his wife.  So now not only is he be charged with that crime, the world knows he’s kind of cheap, too.  But hey, silver lining—it wasn’t Lambesis’ fault.  According to his lawyer, Thomas Warwick, it was totally steroids’ fault.

It turns out that Lambesis had recently discovered the world of heavy bodybuilding, and “his thought processes were devastatingly affected by his steroid use.”

According to Rolling Stone, in the summer of 2012 Lambesis e-mailed his wife, Meggan Lambesis, and let her know that he no longer loved her, and that he no longer believed in God, which can make fronting a Christian metal band a little tough.   Meggan also discovered Lambesis’ multiple affairs during their marriage, and the he already had a girlfriend when he e-dumped her.

Meggan Lambesis filed for divorce in September of last year, noting that Lambesis’ obsession with bodybuilding distracted him from caring for their three adopted children.

What do you think of the Tim Lambesis steroid news?

Source: Rolling Stone