the replacements

Another day, another beloved band is reuniting.  This time, it’s the beloved rock ‘n punk band The Replacements.   Something of a drunken 1980s version of The Faces, The Replacements famously played/imploded at their final show in Chicago in 1991.  As The AV Club notes, while the band never officially announced a break-up, their hiatus of two decades more or less cemented the fact the band would not play together again.  Until this summer, that is.

That’s right, The Replacements are getting back together.  Well, sort of.   Frontman, singer, and guitarist Paul Westerberg will certainly be coming back, as will bassist Tommy Stinson (who has been gigging with Guns N Roses).  However, original drummer Chris Mars left the band in 1990 and isn’t expected to return, nor is guitarist Slim Dunlap, who suffered a stroke in 2012.  So, technically, it’ll be Paul Westerberg, Tommy Stinson, and two other guys, and they’ll call themselves The Replacements.

So, what prompted the reunion?  Westerberg and Stinson recently came together to record a benefit EP for Dunlap, which grew into the all-out reunion that is now happening.  The band will be playing the Riot Fest in Toronto in August, as well as the Chicago and Denver dates in September.  The specific dates of their performances, as well as upcoming tour dates (if any) have not been released.

What do you think of The Replacements news?