An extremely rare demo tape, featuring never officially released songs from one of today’s most infamous bands, Radiohead, is going up for auction. We more details on that below. Also, Tool has set a tentative release date for their next album, and sadly, it won’t be this year. All that and more below.

  • John Bonham Hologram?: Late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham might be resurrected via hologram. Bonham’s son Jason has revealed that he has been speaking to special effects professionals about the possibility of singing with his father in his group The Led Zeppelin Experience. He said: “When I first started doing this I was working with some of the people behind some of the biggest tribute tours like Pink Floyd Experience, The Beatles and now I’m doing it… It’s imperative that I continue putting together the best shows and take it to the next level. I’m talking to people about holograms and my dream is to do the hologram drum solo with my dad next to me.” Jason played with Led Zeppelin for their last performance at London’s O2 Arena in December 2007. Source: NME
  • New Tool Album In 2014: Tool’s next album will likely be released at the beginning of 2014. Drummer Danny Carey revealed that the band is still working on their fifth studio album (their followup to 2006′s 10,000 Days. Carey said: “Right now, since we haven’t started tracking stuff at this point, it’ll be hard… We could have the record finished by the end of the year – that’s a possibility, but the logistics of getting it manufactured and getting the record company in line and all this stuff, I doubt we’ll be able to get it out before Christmas. We’ll see how it goes. Most likely, it’ll be early 2014.” Source: Rolling Stone
  • Early Radiohead Tape Going Up For Auction: An early Radiohead demo is going up for auction this September and word is that it’s expected to sell for at least $1,500. According to A.V. Club the demo was recorded in 1986, back when the band was still called On A Friday and before Johnny Greenwood came into the picture. The demo features the tracks “Fragile Friend,” “Girl (In the Purple Dress),” “Everybody Knows,” “Mountains (On the Move),” “Lemming Trail” and “Lock the Door,” we well as remixes of “Fragile Friend,” “Lemming Trail,” and “Lock the Door.”
  • Bob Dylan Reissuing Self-Portrait: Bob Dylan is going to reissue his record Self-Portrait, and title it Another Self-Portrait. The package will come as a four-disc set and feature never-before-heard material from the original sessions, as well as outtakes from other records. Self-Portrait received a lot of negative response from critics, who disliked many of the songs on the record. Despite the poor reception however, the album made a lot of money in the US and UK. The deluxe edition will also include a remastered version of the original release and a recording of Dylan and The Band’s 1969 performance at the Isle Of Wight festival. Source: A.V. Club

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