Well, that moment you’ve been waiting nor—nay, that you’ve been living for—ever since you bought It Takes a Thief in 1994 has finally arrived: you now have the opportunity to purchase the royalty rights to rapper Coolio’s entire catalog.  Yes, that’s right, Coolio’s admittedly kind of silly yet occasionally rather catchy brand of West Coast hip hop can all be yours, as the rapper is auctioning away the royalty rights.

You may be wondering how such a thing could even be possible—why would an artist give away his rights to receive royalty payments whenever a song of his is used so that, whenever the long-awaited sequel to Dangerous Minds spoof High School High is finally release, you will be able to receive a royalty check for that film’s use of “Gangsta’s Paradise” instead of him?

Well, it’s like this: Coolio wants to finance his career as a cook.  No, seriously—the guy loves to cook, has an online cooking show called Cookin’ With Coolio, and a bestselling cookbook of the same name.  Further, he’s hoping to expand his culinary empire with even more cookbooks and material, and he needs the startup cash.  Thus, his catalog will be going up for auction on August 28th, with the bidding starting at $140,000.


Source: The AV Club