In the midst of the painfully awkward orgy of celebrities celebrating their celebrity that was the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night, sandwiched between Lady Gaga thinking she was being shocking by singing in a bra, Miley Cyrus thinking she was being shocking by doing the whole “I’m a bad girl now!”-pseudo rebellion that every pop star goes through at age 20, and Kanye West unsurprisingly taking himself very seriously, was the news that Eminem is releasing the Marshall Mathers LP 2 later this year.

The original Marshal Mathers LP was Eminem’s third album, released in 2000, and featuring such hits as “The Real Slim Shady,” “The Way I Am,” and “Stan.”  And since The Eminem Show, Encore, Relapse, and Recovery albums have all sold increasingly lower numbers since the release of the Marshal Mathers LP, Eminem has elected to release an album with the same title but with a “2” next to—so it’s like a sequel (except, if Encore, Relapse, and Recovery are any indication, it’ll just be another joyless hour or so of music unable to live up to Eminem’s original promise).

But, hey, I’m just being negative—check out the ad for the new album, which you can pick up on November 5:

What do you think of the Eminem news?

Source: Rolling Stone