Well, Arcade Fire fans, the wait is finally over—Arcade Fire has released a new music video for “Reflektor.”  Well, calling it just a music video clip may be something of an understatement—the “video” for “Reflektor” is less a music video and is much more along the lines of, as The AV Club calls it, an “interactive experience” or some kind of digital art installation.

In the “video” for “The Reflektor,” viewers can use their mouse to manipulate images in the video, so “that individual viewers thereby become ‘reflekors.’”  Or something.  It’s all very pretentious stuff, which is par for the course when it comes to most things Arcade Fire.

The video, which was filmed in Jacmel, Haiti and directed by Vincent Morisset, and tells the story of a young woman “who travels between her world and our own.”  Or something.

But, hey, pretentiousness and Arcade Fire go hand in hand, and it’s all pretty interesting the music is, as always, pretty great.  So go enjoy the wacky new video.  Or something.

Arcade Fire’s fourth album, Reflektor, is set for an October 29th release date, via Merge records.

What do you think of the Arcade Fire news?

Source: The AV Club