pearl jam 3-9-10 kc

As The AV Club notes, in years past, a new Pearl Jam record meant waiting in line for a midnight release at your favorite indie record store.  In 2013?  Not so much.  Unfortunately, the technology of convenience has stolen some of the more fun and fetishized moments of record collection, as the band has already allowed their newest album, Lightning Bolt (due out on October 15), to stream online in full.

So, rather than hearing the record for the first time on your way home from the store (via CD) or once you got home and slapped the wax on your vinyl player, you can just go to iTunes and stream the whole thing right now.  It’s a drag, but hey, we’re in the future now, with underwater bubble cities, flying cars, and online streaming.

Stream Lightning Bolt here, and check out Pearl Jam’s tour dates below.

10.11.2013    Pittsburgh
10.12.2013    Buffalo, NY
10.15.2013    Worcester, MA
10.16.2013    Worcester, MA
10.18.2013    Brooklyn, NY
10.19.2013    Brooklyn, NY
10.21.2013    Philadelphia, PA
10.22.2013    Philadelphia, PA
10.25.2013    Hartford, CT
10.27.2013    Baltimore, MD
10.29.2013    Charlottesville, VA
10.30.2013    Charlotte, NC
11.01.2013    New Orleans, LA
11.15.2013    Dallas, TX
11.16.2013    Oklahoma City, OK
11.19.2013    Phoenix, AZ
11.21.2013    San Diego, CA
11.23.2013    Los Angeles, CA
11.24.2013    Los Angeles, CA
11.26.2013    Oakland, CA
11.29.2013    Portland, OR
11.30.2013    Spokane, WA
12.02.2013    Calgary, ALB
12.04.2013    Vancouver, BC
12.06.2013    Seattle, WA
What do you think of Lightning Bolt?