Lily Allen has finally released her very first piece of music since 2009, the year she started her lengthy hiatus. The sarcastic English artist has launched a music video for “Hard Out Here,” where she candidly mocks pop stars like Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke and Rihanna. Check it out.

The video begins with Allen on an operating table (getting liposuction), while her manager tries to phone various late night TV host without any luck. He asks her how did she end up like this, and her answer is pretty logical, “I had two babies.”

“Hard Out Here” is a very Lily Allen song and music video. She targets all sorts of stereotypes about gender roles and the double standards between men and women in the music industry. The video features some sexy stripped-down dancers, which sort of reminds us of Rihanna’s disturbing “Pour It Up” video. There’s also a lot of twerking a la Miley Cyrus. Check it out for yourself:

Earlier this year, Allen announced that she was returning to the studio with her longtime producer Greg Kurstin. We don’t know if “Hard Out Here” is a single off a potential new album, but we’re crossing our fingers that it is. Allen is one of the good female pop stars, and to be honest, we’ve missed her.

Her last record It’s Not Me, It’s You was released way back in 2009. In the past four years that she’s been away from making her own music, Allen has kept busy. She started her own record label, launched a clothing company, and gave birth to two daughters. Hopefully now she’s ready to make a triumphant return to music. (God knows Pop needs her.)

What do you make of the video? Are you glad Lily Allen is back at play?

[via RollingStone]