Nine Inch Nails

Over the past two days, two songs have hit the internet that take square aim at the relatively clichéd or limited songwriting abilities of two major rock acts, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nine Inch Nails/ Trent Reznor.  Yesterday, a tune entitled “Abracadabralilfornia” was released on a mock Red Hot Chili Peppers website, and so accurate was its nonsensical scatting, noodling bass, and left coast-centric lyrics that most of the internet assumed it was the real deal.  Then, a far less “subtle” NIN parody track was released, which hilariously apes and comments on the clichés of Trent Reznor’s songwriting.  Check ‘em both out below.

While you can forgive some people for assuming “Abracadabralilfornia” was a real Red Hot Chili Peppers track (instead of an excellent parody by comedian Jon Daly)—hey, they’ve released worse songs with dumber titles—there was no mistaking the NIN parody, titled “This Is A Trent Reznor Song.”  Featuring such lyrics as “then I throw in some random percussion” and “weird guitar!” and “but first let’s listen to this weird sound,” it’s perfect, just perfect:

And for you fans of all things Chili Peppers (or for those who hate them, too—you might like it more), dig “Abracadabralilfornia”:

What do you think of the parodies?

Source:  The AV Club