In case you ever stared at the slim, lightweight face of you iPod or iPhone and simply felt it slid to easily and comfortably to your pocket, hey—Neil Young’s got something for you: a Pono.

Yes, a Pono.  The Pono is Neil Young’s version of the iPod, but with higher fidelity sound and “studio master-quality digital music at the highest audio fidelity possible,” allowing listeners to “experience music the way artists intended.”  Which is awesome, in that the sound will be hi-fi, the songs DRM-free, and listeners can experience portable digital music-listening  without sacrificing the inherent sound of the records they love… but it’s on a weird, large, triangular thing that looks like a mid-1990s remote control with a screen in the middle (oh, by the way, the Pono will also have buttons, just in case the touch screen is too complicated for you).  Also,  at 120 GM, the Pono will roughly hold 100 to 500 albums.

Audiophiles can begin ordering the Pono online on March 15, though you should take heed—PonoMusic.com isn’t set for an official launch until later this year.

What do you think of the Pono?  Will you be ordering one?

Source:  The AV Club