Earlier this year teen icon Lorde announced that she would be postponing her Australian tour due to poor health. After winning a Grammy and performing at Coachella, the 17-year-old artist returned home to rest and recuperate from a “really nasty chest infection” and “general ill health” to be able to continue touring for the rest of the year. And it looks like she’s all better because she has just announced the rescheduled dates for her Australian tour. Check them out below.

Lorde was originally scheduled to play eight shows in Australia starting with April 24 at Melbourne’s Festival Hall. But the singer had to postpone her tour due to poor health. Now, Lorde has announced, via Twitter that her first new show will be on July 5 at the Perth Challenge Stadium. Here’s the graphic she used to reveal the news:


You can check out the complete roster below. Also, Lorde recently told the New Zealand site The Edge that she didn’t quite like her hit single “Royals.” She mentioned that the song actually “sounds horrible” like a “ringtone from a 2006 Nokia (cell phone).”
Now the questions is, will she be playing the song that made her famous during her Australian trek? Here’s a list of the rescheduled shows:


7/5- Perth Challenge Stadium (Previously Tue 29 April)

7/8 – AEC Theatre, Adelaide (Previously Sun 27 April)

7/11- Sydney Hordern Pavilion (Previously Fri 2 May)

7/12 – Sydney Hordern Pavilion (Previously Sat 3 May)

7/15 – Melbourne Festival Hall (Previously Thu 24 April)

7/16 – Melbourne Festival Hall (Previously Sat 26 April)

7/19 – Newcastle Entertainment Centre (Previously Sun 4 May)

7/20 – Brisbane Riverstage (Previously Tue 6 May)

What do you think?

[via Billboard]