Jack White is a golden god and he’s not afraid to show it in the music video for his latest single “Lazaretto.” The black-and-white clip shows shattered glass, a car doing donuts against a pale floor, and a disco ball smashing into a wall in slow-motion. It’s chaotic, just like the song. Check it out.

The clip begins as White readies to play the song. And he’s not alone, his band is rocking out with him. There’s static, shattered glass flying everywhere, and some slimy spit. White gets a little symbolic too by showing raging bulls and snakes in the clip. Here it is:

White’s new solo album, Lazaretto, comes out in a few days (June 10th) through Columbia and his own label, Third Man Records. A seven-inch vinyl single of “Lazaretto” is now available for pre-order. The full Lazaretto LP is currently streaming on iTunes in its entirety; it’s available for pre-order on both ULTRA LP vinyl and CD.

What do you think?

[via RollingStone]