YouTube won’t stand for any kind of resistance. The site, which recently announced that it will launch its own paid streaming music service, is threatening various record labels by saying it will remove videos affiliated with these groups. Artists involved in this dispute include Radiohead, Adele, Jack White, Arctic Monkeys and Vampire Weekend.

According to Financial Times (via COS), YouTube could remove the videos in question “in a matter of days.” However, Rolling Stone states that this is only a negotiating tactic to get the labels to sign Youtube’s “highly unfavorable [licensing] terms.” However, a rep for YouTube did confirm that the site is willing to block content from unsigned labels in certain countries.

Groups representing these indie labels have appealed to the European Commission to prevent YouTube’s wrath. Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien, who co-chairs the Featured Artists Coalition, is clearly upset about YouTube’s bullying strategies and said that the site is “creating an internet just for the superstars and big businesses”. Billy Bragg, also a vocal proponent for indies, told Music Week:

“YouTube are shooting themselves in the foot with their attempt to strong-arm independent labels into signing up to such low rates. They’re in danger of launching a streaming service that lacks the innovative and cutting edge sounds that independent artists bring.”

We suggest you rush over to YouTube and replay all your favorite music videos from said bands before they’re no longer available. Of course, you could always find them through other video websites. Here’s Fake Plastic Trees, from Radiohead:

How to you feel about YouTube’s takedown?