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A freelance writer, grad student, and part-time college instructor, Joe Oliveto can't think of anything sufficiently clever or witty to write here. This saddens him immensely, and he will go to bed unhappy this evening. However, if you'd like to cheer him up with a writing gig or compliment, drop him a line at Or, hit him up on Facebook:!/profile.php?id=27906999

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Record Store Day Roundup: Who is Participating?

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Record Store Day-jco-4-15-11
Tomorrow is Record Store Day, and although we live in a digital age when record stores are about as outdated as calling Russia "The Soviet Union," they can still offer more pleasure to a music fan than any iTunes playlist ever could. Computers may have given us convenience, but...

POLL: Who is Your Favorite Coachella Headliner?

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Coachella has begun, and while we're stuck here simply writing about music, countless fans have descended upon the festival to take in the experience. As always, the show is offering those in attendance an impeccable lineup of the best modern music acts, mixing...