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Pop Music Sweeps The People's Choice Awards 2012

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peoples choice awards
The People’s Choice Awards of 2012 were held last night in Los Angeles, and, in addition to actually handing an award out to Kim Kardashian for “Best Celebrity” (seriously), the awards ceremony further pointed out its obsolescence and pointlessness by doling out best music awards to such illustrious musicians as Maroon 5, Demi Lovato, and, of course,...

Grammy Nominees Announced; Kanye, Foo Fighters, and Adele Lead In Noms

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The Grammys
It’s that time of year again, when the meaningless award system known as “The Grammys” begins to dole out awards to people  like Katy Perry and the Foo Fighters.   The awards show won’t air until February 12, 2012, but the nominations were announced last night, during a concert which featured two performances by Lady Gaga (go ahead and sigh loudly right here).

MTV VMAs 2010 Video Roundup: Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Florence And The...

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MTV VMAs 2010 Video Roundup: Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Florence And The Machine and More
Another year has gone by and and another batch of unnecessary awards shows have also occurred to capitalize on the teen market who ave no clue the "M" in  MTV used to stand for Music Television. Honing in on reality shows such as the filthy Jersey Shore and getting the best B-list celebrity talk show host to talk smack about A-list celebrities (via Chelsea Handler)...