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'The Great Gatsby Soundtrack' Features Lana Del Rey, Jay-Z, Beyonce, And...

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The Great Gatsby is considered by many to the Great American Novel.  Telling as it does the rise and fall of a group of lives in the roaring 1920s, one might expect some period appropriate music in the upcoming film adaptation.  But, of course, this being a Baz Luhrmann adaptation, the film will be scored with new rap, rock, and pop songs.  Because when...

Jay-Z Working On 'The Great Gatsby' Score

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Jay-Z and F. Scott Fitzgerald are American icons of different caliber, no doubt. But movie director Baz Luhrmann is going to combine their artistry in his upcoming adaptation of Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. Word is that Hova is working tirelessly on the film's score.

Prince And Lady Gaga May Contribute To 'The Great Gatsby' Soundtrack

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Lady Gaga
It appears that director Baz Luhrmann is taking the slight release-date delay in the release of his ludicrously 3-D adaptation of The Great Gatsby, by expanding the film’s soundtrack.  Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire in the story that is often viewed as the great American novel, one would expect a...